What’s your membership policy?

We have open membership and welcome anyone with an interest in model aviation. Annual membership is $75 and covers your immediate family including children up to the age of 18. Flying privileges require that each person be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

What aircraft can be flown at the field?

We welcome just about any model aircraft at our field. All aircraft must be airworthy and follow the AMA safety guidelines. When flying with more than one person a flight pattern is established based on the winds relative to the runway and the runway must stay clear for others to use. Having a spotter is encouraged at all times.

Can I just come watch to learn more about the hobby?

Of course! We welcome anyone to come enjoy watching the aircraft fly and ask questions. Spectators must stay behind the metal safety fence unless escorted by a club member. We also have a playground for the kids to enjoy. Just keep an eye on the skies!