At SMMAC we love to get together and have fun so we host many events throughout the year.  We do our best to keep these events open to anyone that enjoys RC aviation so stop by and come enjoy the fun.

Giant Scale Weekends

Our field is perfect for flying larger RC aircraft and we love to host others that want to bring their big birds here.  The first weekend of the month we like to call our Giant Scale Saturday or Sunday.  It all depends on the weather.  We invite everyone to come to our field and enjoy the weekend flying your big birds.  This does not mean you can’t fly the smaller planes as well but it’s just a good excuse to get together and do some flying.  So come on out the first weekend of each month and have some fun!

WATTS over Owatonna – July 20-22 2017

WATTS is our big annual all electric fly in.  Come enjoy 3 days of all electric flight with pilots and sponsors from all over the US.  WATTS has been featured in Fly RC, Model Aviation, Flying Models and many online forums as well.

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Northern Alliance Military Fly In – August 10-12 2017 NAMFI Roundel

NAMFI is our big Warbirds and Classics fly in that we’ve been hosting for over 10 years now.  Enjoy a weekend of heavy iron, military jets, and classic pre 1963 airplanes.  Mingle with pilots and sponsors from all over the US.

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NAMFI is part of the Warbird and Classics Alliance.  Check out all the events for this summer at